“Gary Joralemon is a man with a vision and a passion for our youth.  He leads by doing and has spent years investing in our youth and our community.  Personally, he is a grandfather figure to our 5 children and is an amazing influence in their lives. A vote for Gary Joralemon means a voice on the board for students and their parents.”
~ Christi and Jason Petersen

“While growing up in the Lucia Mar Unified School District, my dad always showed a keen interest in my education.  He was involved in everything from volunteering in my kindergarten class, to helping at the AGHS school farm when I raised market hogs through the FFA.  His example would instill a strong sense of dedication, service, and hard work that would benefit me for life.  Today, he continues this tradition by serving on local nonprofit boards and passing along his leadership skills through the courses he teaches at Cal Poly.  As a father myself (and as a voter), this type of character & leadership is exactly what I look for in a Board of Education Member.”

~ Joe Joralemon, AGHS Class of 2005

“As a former student of Mr. Joralemon class at the police academy, he did a great job in getting the learning domains covered. His experience and temperament were serious, but he showed appropriate humor throughout the course.”

~ Former Police Academy Student

“During his tenure with the Alan Hancock College, Gary was responsible as the lead instructor in our Arrest and Control course. Students consistently rated his abilities as an instructor as outstanding. Reports from the Peace Officers Standards and Training Office in Sacramento, indicated that Gary had one of the highest pass ratings of all law enforcement instructors in California.”

~ Ken George, Advanced Officer Training Coordinator, Alan Hancock Law Enforcement Academy (Retired)

“I admire your commitment to law enforcement and public safety. Your ongoing dedication and outstanding performance are commendable. America has a proud tradition of people sharing their gifts and energy in service to the greater good. With the contributions of people such as you, we are able to achieve so much more as a society. You can be truly proud of this accomplishment that serves as both a source of pride and inspiration for your community and state.”

~ Hon. Barbara Boxer, Former United States Senator

“Gary was a reliable and positive change agent for our organization and the dozens of criminal justice clients he worked with.  Based on his experience, expertise and ethics, Gary would be a great asset to the Lucia Mar Unified School Board.” 

~ Joe Cristando, CEO Cristando Justice Associates

I’ve watched my next door neighbor for 30+ years raise two boys from three-years-old through college. His sons are now in their thirties, have families of their own and sucessfil careers, all being guided by their Dad. Living next to a family for that long a period you see and hear the good times and challenging times that they may have faced and how they handled them. Gary Joralemon has always shown integrity, knowledge, patience and a willingness to help others and will bring these traits to the Lucia Maria Board of Trustees.

~ Gary and Chris Borda

“I have so many wonderful things I can say about my husband Gary, but if I had to pick one sentence, “He is the best man I know.” Don’t let quiet demeanor and rough looking exterior fool you, for he is a dedicated and loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend. What makes Gary especially unique is his generosity with his time. He serves our community with integrity, grit and gives of himself to those in need. Gary sees a need to change our school board and for that he has my complete admiration and support.” 

~ Alex Joralemon

“When someone runs for an elected office, I look for a person with character, integrity, honesty, lived experience, grounded in the reality of today’s world and local people’s needs, a wisdom figure and a role model, a good neighbor, servant leader and a person with vision and courage.  Gary Joralemon fits this profile to a T!  Gary is a teacher to the core, serving as an instructor at both Cuesta College and Cal Poly State University, and overseeing education as Superintendent of the Juvenile Hall as part of his 31 years with the Probation Department of San Luis Obispo. He knows kids, youth and adults and consistently works to transform people’s lives through education and advocacy.  Gary brings so much to the table for any office and especially to the Lucia Mar School District.” 

~ Sister Theresa Harpin

 Executive Director

 Restorative Partners, Inc.

“My success in life is largely because of my role model, my Dad. In school, Dad showed me the value of a strong public education. Dad always had immense respect for the staff that helped make Lucia Mar the one-of-a-kind district it was, and that passion was instrumental to my own enthusiasm as a student. Likewise, Dad showed me how to give tirelessly in the service of others, to communicate effectively, to live at all times with integrity, and to vigorously advocate for the underserved. When times get tough, he is an incredible listener and problem-solver; his advice has gotten me through a lot of struggles in life. Dad is a public servant at heart and has decades of experience in management and relationship-building that will serve well as a board member at Lucia Mar!”

~ Vince Joralemon, AGHS Class of 2008

I first met Gary after he and my husband and several friends completed a backpacking trip into the Sierra to resupply a few of his friends that were hiking the John Muir Trail. I joined the group soon after and we started planning to section hike the entire JMT over the next 4 seasons. Most memorable was our 2am ascent up to Mount Whitney from Guitar Lake after a 5-day trip on the trail. We were fatigued, sore and a bit oxygen deprived, but Gary’s optimism and encouragement kept us going! Gary is great at sharing his appreciation of a good challenge and the importance of some healthy suffering to keep humble and grateful! That and some great comic relief helped us up the mountain!! Sharing that kind of experience is bonding and my husband and I continue to enjoy friendship with Gary and Alex. I am very excited to support Gary in his campaign and have all confidence that his dedication, passion, and knowledge will be a huge asset to the Lucia Mar Board of Trustees. 

~ Cathy Dooty