A Respected and Effective Teacher

A Note About My Teaching Career

As a college and University instructor, I understand the needs, frustrations, and perspective of our teachers. I’ve loved every moment of my teaching career. Trust me, over the years I’ve learned as much from my students as I hope they’ve learned from me! Here are some comments drawn from my student-instructor evaluations at both Cuesta College and Cal Poly.

“I absolutely love this class. Prof J is by far my favorite professor. He is very engaging, offers hands on opportunities and real-world experiences to come into class.”

“Our instructor is the only person I could imagine taking this course with, his experience gives us a neat perspective of the concepts. This class was a pleasure to take, and the instructor is so knowledgeable and uses so many personal experiences for the lectures. I loved this class so much, definitely my favorite class and I will miss it and the instructor.”

“This was hands down one of the best-taught courses I have enrolled in thus far at Cal Poly.”

“Mr. Joralemon is cognizant of the difficulties facing students, and is not only accommodating, but cares enough to ensure student success.”  

“The caring, and involvement Mr. Joralemon has exhibited is incredibly rare at Cal Poly and really allowed for the difficult topics we discussed in class to not be emotionally taxing. “

“So amazing! Very helpful and presented the material so interestingly!” 

“He is a great instructor who has experience in the field of criminal justice which made his voice very credible. He was also really nice when it came to offering extra credit to boost your grade which was 


“Professor Joralemon is a great instructor. His extensive experience in law enforcement brings a unique perspective to this course about crime and violence.”

“I would 100% take another course with Professor Joralemon. 

He was super awesome. Very engaging and helpful.”

“Mr. J had incredible knowledge of the juvenile justice system because of his close ties and experiences in the local juvenile hall. His personal stories and experiences brought the class to life and made each class a great learning environment.”

“Class is incredibly well done all information/material is incredibly relevant to the class and extremely useful.” 

“I thought Mr. Joralemon was a great professor and it made me sad I had to take this class online.”

“Mr. J is so knowledgeable and has real-world experience in the subject. He can relate to what he is teaching and it is refreshing to listen to someone not teaching from a research standpoint.”

“He is helpful and responds very fast. He met with me on Zoom when I was having a hard time and allowed me an extension.”

“Mr. J was an amazing educator. He was clearly knowledgeable and passionate in his teaching. I also felt that while he had expectations, he was clearly there to support us and provide us with the help/support we need as students.”

“Prof. J has probably been my favorite professor I’ve ever had at Cal Poly. Not only is he so inspiring, he taught with grace and was incredibly respectful of all his students. I trusted his input and knowledge and if I had any concerns at all, he was one email away.”

“One of the best teachers I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgable about the class, will answer any and all questions without being hesitant or dismissive. He is a great educator.” 

“Professor J deserves an award for being such an outstanding teacher. He is absolutely fantastic. I am so happy I decided to take this class with him.”

“He never puts a student down, always answers questions to the fullest and is very positive. Positive class environment and willingness to teach.”

“Always willing to help. Actually reads students emails, faster respond. Overall, amazing instructor.”

“All-around great instructor. Helps outside of class, offers great advice. One of my favorites.”

“I have never had such an engaged, caring professor. He has so much real life experience. Take him, I promise you won’t regret it. One of the best professors at Cal Poly.”

“Super nice guy. I really liked how he gave us different perspectives into this field but still respected our own opinions, even though there was somewhat of a generational gap. He was very open to learning about a younger take on police brutality and the role of policy violence in our country, even with his background in law enforcement. For that I really respect him and feel like I was able to learn a lot from his own experiences but still could have a really profound conversation on some harder topics. Most older men who have his background are super closed minded and say problematic things so I commend him for being so tolerant, open, and eager to learn himself.”

“If you read this Professor, sorry for calling you old so many times lol … you really aren’t like THAT old ahhhhh more like WISE and KNOWLeDGEABle with age – amazing teacher!!!!!”

“Hands down one of the best teachers I have had at Cal Poly. Having a teacher that worked in the field was so helpful for the content. I genuinely looked forward to coming to class every day.”

“Professor was amazing and very helpful, overall teaching ability is great.”