I am an instructor at both Cuesta Community College and California Polytechnic State University and served as an instructor at the Alan Hancock Law Enforcement Academy. I teach a variety of courses pertaining to criminal justice, including Juvenile Delinquency and Justice, and Multi-Cultural Law Enforcement. I’ve also taught law enforcement ethics, cultural diversity, and child abuse. As an instructor in cultural diversity, I led law enforcement officers through the process of recognizing their own bias, appreciating, and understanding other cultures, and developing empathy. As an instructor in diversity issues, I am acutely aware of the need to celebrate differences and recognize our own bias. As a former child abuse instructor, I understand the life-long damage early childhood trauma can cause. I think this breadth of experience will bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees and allow me to better understand the challenges that face our teachers.

I retired in 2015 as a Chief Deputy Probation Officer with San Luis Obispo County. During my 33 years with the Probation Department, I served in a variety of assignments including Juvenile Hall Superintendent, and Chief Deputy Probation Officer. As the Superintendent of the County Juvenile Hall, I was responsible for the care and safety of youths detained in a 67-bed facility, meeting local, national, and state standards, and leading a staff of over 50 employees from 4 separate agencies and organizations. As Superintendent, I accomplished several goals:

As a member of the LMUSD Board of Trustees, I will work tirelessly and capitalize upon this experience and ensure that our students learn in the safest environment possible. 

I am a founding member of the San Luis Obispo County Big Brothers and Sisters. I was one of three founders of Restorative Partners, Inc. which provides rehabilitative programs to Juvenile Hall and County Jail detainees. I was also on the Board of Directors of the San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation, which provides financial support to law enforcement officers experiencing crisis (medical, emergency relocation, funeral expenses, etc.)  As a leader with these organizations, I gained valuable experience in collaborating with others from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

I earned my Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College. This graduate program gave me great appreciation for the importance of “relational leadership”. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and graduated from the California Chief Probation Officer’s Command College.  

As a lifelong devotee of fitness, I competed in several Police and Fire Olympics, and was awarded a bronze medal in wrestling at the 2006 games. As a member of the Pale Kai Canoe Racing Team, I competed in the 2005 World Championship Outrigger Canoe Race in Molokai, Hawaii. I also completed two California AIDS Rides, cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for HIV/AIDS services.

 I am a long-time volunteer with the Outreach Food Pantry at St. Patrick’s Church, serving the homeless and needy families of the South County community. My wife Alex is a retired middle school physical education teacher and coach. We live in Arroyo Grande, and our sons, Joe, and Vince (proud graduates of AGHS) live with their families in Northern California.